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Cartridge filters

CamPulse EF

The CamPulse EF is a water repellent, self-cleaning filter set - a cylindrical top and a conical bottom - offering high dust holding capacity protecting gas turbines in desert and arctic environments.

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  • Self-cleaning air filter cartridges
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Effective dust holding capacity
  • Built-in structural strength
  • Galvanized metal finish
  • Media protected by metal liners on both sides
Application: Desert and arctic environments.
Type: Single stage pulse cleaning cartridges.
Caps: Galvanized (standard), stainless steel (AISI304 / 316) or powder coated.
Media: Cellulose
Holding frames: Various on request.
EN779:2012 efficiency: M6.
ASHRAE 52.2.2007 filter class:
Temperature: 70° C / 158° F max. operating temperature.
Fire rating: Available according to DIN 4102-b2.

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