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Cartridge filters

CamPulse CamBrane

EPA filter with five (5) layers for optimal protection

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  • Water and salt resistant filter
  • Non discharging EPA filter
  • Optimized Sandwich construction for long life
  • EPA Ultra high efficient membrane media
  • 2 in 1 package - saves space & money
  • Patented HemiPleat ™technology- proven open pleat solution
Application: For desert/dry/ heavy dust load areas
Type: Single stage pulse cleaning cartridges
End caps: Galvanized (standard), stainless steel (AISI304 / 316) or powder coated.
Media: Membrane
EN1822 filter class: E12
ASHRAE 52.2.2007 filter class:
Recommended final pressure drop: 180 Pa
Temperature: 71°C / 160° F operating

The CamBrane is a composite media with a synthetic pre-filter layer that is extremely efficient on small particles, hydrocarbons and airborne salt. The synthetic fiber high mechanical efficiency does not rely on electrostatic charge, giving the filter a high level of efficiency over its entire lifetime. The membrane layer adds a barrier to submicron particles and stops water and salt from penetrating the filter. The CamBrane offers a high EPA grade filtration with 99% efficiency at the Most Penetrating Particle Size pure mechanical efficiency and a stable pressure drop even in humid environments. The membrane is built from a robust synthetic substrate, meeting the high burst strength requirement of gas turbine application. 


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