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Compact filters

CamGT 3V-600

Offering industry-leading pressure drop and dust holding capacity, the CamGT 3V-600 filter is a reliable and efficient solution for gas turbines, diesel engines and compressors in humid environments.


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  • Lowest air resistance (dP) for optimal economy
  • Ensures water drainage
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Low air resistance also in wet conditions
  • Solid HEPA frame eliminates air bypass
  • Resistant to high and extreme pressure drops
  • Designed for all Environments
  • Most reliable filter on the market
Application: All installations where safety/reliability is crucial in combination with low air resistance.
Type: Compact pleated filter.
Frame: Injection moulded plastic.
Header: 25 mm
Media: Glass fiber
EN779:2012 efficiency: F8-F9
EN1822:2009 efficiency: E10-E12, H13
ASHRAE 52.2:1999 filter class: MERV 14-16
Recommended final pressure drop: 600 Pa / 2.4"wg. (Recommended final pressure drop for most economical change point is normally lower than 600 Pa).
Temperature: 70° C / 158° F max. operating temperature.
Burst strength: > 6 250 Pa continuous wet/soaked
Additional information: Reverse flow with metal support grid available on request

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