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Air Inlet Systems

Static filtration system 3 stages

Static filtration system 3 stages provides gas turbines with an inlet barrier against the smallest and most corrosive particles, reducing engine degradation in tough environments like offshore etc.

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  • Carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminium
  • Modular design facilitates transport & installation
  • Configurable according to GT type & operating environment
  • Fits cartridges up to 600mm
  • Tested HEPA proof
  • Expanded service walkways

For optimum performance and lowest total cost of operation the three stage system is the ideal option. A low air velocity through the systems secures high particulate efficiency at low pressure drop. The system can also be equipped with an air inlet treatment option (heating or cooling) and separate ducting for enclosure ventilation.

Weather protection: Know down hoods, Camvane droplet separator
Prefiltration: M6 to F9 Bag or high capacity compact filter
Intermediate filtration: F8-E10 High capacity compact filter
 High efficiency filtration: E11-E12, H13 High capacity filter
 (Optional downstream filter) G3-G4 Panel filter


  • Welded filter frames ensuring no air bypass
  • Proven design for (H)EPA grade efficiencies.
  • Designed to fit new generation 600mm deep filters
  • Sloped roof for better draining
  • External bolt interface for easy assembly

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