Molecular products

Light duty Light duty

The City product line is perfect for indoor air quality applications whereby particulate matter and molecular contamination must be controlled with the lowest possible energy consumption in the smallest form factor. Examples include office buildings, airports, educational establishments, polluted industrial area, cities with heavy traffic pollution, seasonal haze removal, museums. Target gases include nitrogen dioxide, ozone and volatile organic compounds (VOC).
The City-Flo bag filters, CityCarb compact filters and CityPleat panel filters are hybrid 2 in 1 solutions with both particle and molecular filtration functionalities within the same product. The CitySorb compact activated carbon filter utilizes a highly effective broad spectrum adsorbent to ensure the removal of a wide range of airborne molecules or smells.

Moderate duty Moderate duty

The CamCarb line is a versatile range of thin-bed loose-filled products in different form factors to suit a large range of air handling units and housings. CamCarb may be used for indoor air quality, light industries or fresh air handling units seeing moderate concentrations of contaminants.
The plastic cylindrical CamCarb CG and metal CM, CamCarb PM panels and the vee-cell plastic CamCarb VG products are molecular filters filled with a wide range of adsorbents. The cylindrical filters are fit onto CamCarb mounting frames and installed inside CamCube filter housings. CamCarb VG are installed in positive seal side access PSSA housings.

Heavy duty Heavy duty

ProCarb products are heavy duty deep-bed industrial solutions for leak-free control of molecular contaminants present in the air at high concentration levels (often >1 ppmv) or applications having high regulatory requirement on emission levels. ProCarb filters are typically used for industrial exhaust applications, smell control, or corrosion control. Examples include petrochemical facilities, waste water treatment, pulp and paper mills, foam manufacturing or waste handling facilities.
ProCarb vertical deep bed VDBe is a product for exhaust air applications whereas VDBs is used for supply air. Both are high capacity solutions. ProCarb horizontal deep bed HDB and horizontal deep cell units HDC are more flexible solutions with smaller footprint used for both supply and exhaust air.

    Media replacement Media replacement

    Camfil provides a comprehensive range of filtration media for refilling of relevant products within the CamCarb and ProCarb product families, or for existing installations.
    Activated carbon is used for broad spectrum applications including volatile organic compound, nitrogen dioxide or ozone removal. Impregnated carbon typically targets acidic or alkaline molecular contaminant such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, organic acids, hydrogen chloride or ammonia.

      High cleanliness High cleanliness

      GigaPleat products are molecular filters for cleanroom or clean environment applications using activated carbon or ion exchange technology to remove acids, bases, organics, oxidants, dopants or refractory compounds affecting manufacturing processes or equipment. Typical examples include semiconductor, flat panel display, hard disk drive, data centers, satellite assembly or biotech cleanrooms.
      The GigaPleat plastic header NXPH and metal cell type NXPC are disposable molecular filters whereas GigaPleat metal header XPH and cell type XPC are refillable products. GigaPleat metal deep pleat NXDP and metal panel NXPP filters are able to control multiple contaminants and provide therefore very flexible solutions.

      Industrial Air Cleaner Industrial Air Cleaner

      Air cleaners for industrial and process applications are equipped with the most efficient Absolute™ HEPA filter and EC (Electronically Commutated) fans. The product range for indoor air excellence has been developed to suit all applications and are available in a variety of sizes.
      Air Cleaner 300 concealed is a built-in and ducted air purifier for small or medium offices - up to 100 m². Air Cleaner 800 is a mobile/stationary air purifier for offices, homes, schools, public spaces etc.
      Air Cleaner 2000 is a mobile/stationary air purifier for dusty indoor premises. It eliminates particles, odours and complex chemical substances
      Air Cleaner 6000 is engineered to help large logistic and manufacturing companies keep employees healthy, improve product quality and reduce dust by automatically controlling the air quality. It also helps personas like facility owner, renter or the operational quality process with clean air solutions.

      Analytical services Analytical services

      Camfil analytical services cover a wide range of applications and are used to check air quality or filter performances in-situ or in our technical centers.
      Corrosion coupons and real time corrosivity monitoring (ISA Check II) are perfect for the assessment of corrosion levels within facilities using sensitive electronic / electrical equipment or in museums / archives for protection of artefacts, following the ISA 71.04-2013 standard. Gigacheck is Camfil method for air sampling and air quality analyses. Gigamonitor is a chemical analytical method developed to measure the residual life of molecular filters.
      Camfil offers molecular filter performance tests according to the ISO 10121-1 or 10121-2 methodologies.


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