Gas Turbine Filtration

Pulse Filters Pulse Filters

Our cartridge filters, both self-cleaning pulse type and static, are available in vertical or horizontal designs, to best suit your system of choice. With our broad range of media, including EPA filters, we can offer an air inlet pulse filter for every environment and every gas turbine inlet.

Compact Filters Compact Filters

Compact or mini-pleat are high efficiency air inlet filters used for second and/or third stage filtration, depending on the gas turbine air inlet system. Typical range from M6 or MERV 11 up to E12 (EPA level), for the best gas turbine protection.

Bag Filters Bag Filters

Bag or pocket filters are mainly used as pre/first stage filters in the gas turbine air inlet, ranging from M6-F9 / MERV 11 to 16 in filter class.

Panel Filters Panel Filters

Panel filters, usually used as pre/first stage filters in static inlet systems for gas turbines, have the main purpose of removing larger particles such as pollens, paper dust, and other coarse impurities. Typical filter class: G4 / MERV 7 or 8


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